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English Manuscript Editing (EME) is a specialised and professional copy editing and proofreading facility.  It is dedicated in assisting those clients who wish to have their manuscripts published in magazines, journals, scientific, medical, and academic publications.   It is a worldwide online service based in the United Kingdom.   It has been providing proofreading and copy editing assistance to Authors, Companies, Businesses and Individuals since the year 1996.

The proofreaders and the copyeditors are all originally from the United Kingdom - so quite naturally, their mother tongue is British English.   Previously however, they have had the experience of working for many years in the United States of America, so they are also very knowledgeable and familiar with American English.

As an online service company, we have clients from all over the world, but we now mainly specialise in the non-native-English speaking countries - with the majority of our current customers being domiciled in Asia, North America, South America, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and in the many and various European Territories.

As international business expands and scientific, medical, and academic journalism of the English Language grows, we will continue to welcome nationalities from many different countries and we shall endeavour to suitably satisfy their English writing requirements.

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